Low cost and senior-friendly transportation and escort services to medical appointments, other therapeutic programs and grocery shopping.

Seniors or disabled adults who use this service are often dealing with one or more of the following:

  • They have physical or psychological limitations that prevent them using public transportation
  • They are frail and require an escort
  • They may not be eligible for WheelTrans or any other assisted transportation
  • Their friends or relatives may not be available to drive them and a taxi service is more than they can afford

This service can be used for any kind of transportation you need, but priority is given to those who need rides to medical appointments. Other forms of using the transportation service include:

  • Medical, dental, or therapeutic appointments
  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Errands

Other Services

Grocery Delivery to Your Door: If you are unable to go out to do your own shopping, our drivers can do the shopping for you. Simply provide us your grocery list and we will pick up what you need and deliver it right to your home.

Group Shopping: We provide transportation for group outings, like shopping. A group of up to seven people may be picked up at one location and driven to the nearest mall or grocery store.

New Vehicle

In 2018, TransCare received three new vehicles thanks to a $142,000 funding from the Central East LHIN. With three new highly efficient vehicles, TransCare continues to offer safe and accessible transportation to more seniors and adults with disabilities in the community, enabling them to attend healthcare appointments, social services and recreational programs.

TransCare thanks the Central East LHIN for their continuous support to the seniors in our community, enabling them to live an independent lifestyle.

TransCare® Community Support Services is a registered, charitable corporation providing high quality care and compassion to seniors and younger adults with disabilities. This includes home care services and supplies for individuals directly or through other organizations.

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