Home Care Supplies

We provide incontinence products, bathroom accessories, aids for daily living, mobility products, nursing supplies and urological care supplies.

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Incontinence Products

We specialize in helping people address the inconveniences of incontinence from very light bladder protection while living an active lifestyle through to heavy protection for high absorbency requirement.

We provide more choice of type (urinary, fecal) and style (absorbency, sizing) than other retail outlets at significantly lower prices.

Customers or caregivers can have a relaxed, one-to-one telephone conversation with knowledgeable staff who can discuss specific needs and suggest appropriate products.  

Products are delivered to your door.


Transport chairs
Electric beds
Recline/lift chairs
Standard cane
Quad base cane

Nursing Supplies

Aprons, disposable
Face masks
Vinyl gloves, disposable
Latex gloves, disposable
Hand sanitizers
Protective eye goggles
Male catheters
Female catheters
Urinary bags

Daily Living

Extension utensils
Ergonomic utensils
Bottle opener
Can opener
Jar opener
Inner lip plates
Reachers (26”, 32”)
Dressing aid

Bathroom Accessories

Shower transfer bench
Bath board
Grab bars
Left/right angled grab bar
Bath tub mounted safety rail
Commodes; raised toilet seats
Toilet elevators
Safety frames

To learn more about our products, order information, and special offers, visit our Home Care Supplies website.

TransCare® Community Support Services is a registered, charitable corporation providing high quality care and compassion to seniors and younger adults with disabilities. This includes home care services and supplies for individuals directly or through other organizations.

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